Fireworks shortage could turn your backyard display into a dud

Here's one more thing to blame on the pandemic, a shortage of fireworks that may affect your fourth of July celebration.

Brian Lilly Super Show Fireworks in Marietta says they've got a great variety of fireworks, just not enough of them.

"We'd be floor to ceiling if it panned out the way it was supposed to," said Lilly.

Lilly says everyone shot off all the fireworks in 2020.

"Last year because of COVID, all the city shows were canceled so everyone used their own fireworks and stores sold out and it led to a shortage this year," said Lilly.

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It's been impossible to catch up.  The majority of fireworks come from China and factories were shut down during the pandemic. The products that are currently being shipped are taking a long time to get here because the shipping ports are backed up.

"Between ports can't ship, no one can build, and no inventory, it's a perfect storm. There are not enough fireworks and it's coming true right now," said Paul Richardson with Big Grin Fireworks in Powder Springs.

Richardson says the shortage is very real and prices are skyrocketing.

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"A 30 percent increase in wholesale cost to make, manufacture and deliver fireworks," said Richardson.

Richardson says supplies will pick up, just not soon enough.  

"There will be plenty of fireworks in August once the ports clear, but there won't be any for the Fourth of July," said Richardson.

If you do plan to buy some fireworks both stores say don't wait until the last minute.

This shortage is for the consumer fireworks.  Richardson says the professional ones that are used in displays at community events should be okay.  He says there's plenty of inventory left over because of all the canceled shows in 2020.

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