Fire chief: Obvious case of arson at nonprofit that has been helping community for decades

Spirit of Sharing, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that has been helping people in Winder for 20 years. Now others are reaching out to them to help after investigators said someone deliberately set their building on fire on Thursday morning.

The large front window is shattered. Investigators believe someone threw a brick through the window, went inside, and set the building on fire.

"I was angry and heartbroken," said Spirit of Sharing Inc Dir. Melinda Shealey.

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Shealey said Spirit of Sharing, Inc. offers numerous services to the community.  

"We make sure they have food to eat, clothes if they need any other resources we hook them up with other resources in the community," said Shealey.

There are dance and fitness programs, as well as tutoring and counseling.  

"A lot of times people just come here because they say they feel the love, they just need someone to listen to them about what they need," said Shealey.

Shealey said when the pandemic hit, their services were needed more than ever.

"We started doing hot meals, we did about 250 hot meals a day for about 6 weeks," said Shealey.

Shealey said knowing someone deliberately set the fire is devastating, but it's not going to stop them from helping others.

"We're going to come back bigger and stronger, better than we ever were before," said Shealey.

Winder Fire Chief Matt Whiting said there's no doubt this was arson. The case is now in the hands of police who will try to determine who did it. There is a $10,000 reward in this case.

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