Fight on football field involving players spills over into parking lot involving parents

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A skirmish on the gridiron sent one player to the hospital and many others could be in big trouble.  But it didn't end there, school officials say the fight spilled over into the parking lot and involved parents. 

It happened Thursday night at Central Gwinnett as the 9th-grade team hosted Meadowcreek High School.  It was the 3rd quarter, Central Gwinnett was up 22-0.  Emotions were running high. At the end of a play, school officials say a Meadowcreek player punched a Central Gwinnett player in the face. 

"Their helmets were off at the time and it was a punch to the face," said Sloan Roach with Gwinnett County Schools. 

Other players on the sidelines jumped in.  

"It was like pow, pow, pow.  A big 'ol fight.  We can't be fighting like that because we can't be losing our players," said one student who was at the game. 

Coaches and refs had to break up the fight and separate the teams. 

"The decision was made to end the game at that point based on what happened and since Central Gwinnett was way ahead they were given the win," said Roach. 

The game was over, but the fighting wasn't.  After the game, school officials say some parents went after a student athlete in the parking lot. Coaches and other adults had to step in and break it up. 

"I thought it was wild, didn't expect something like that. Parents, kids, adults fight each other... ridiculous," said Davin Steers who is a student at Central Gwinnett. 

"It's unfortunate this type of thing happened on the field and even more unfortunate that parents and adults continued it after the fact," said Roach. 

School officials say those involved will face school discipline.  As for the student who was initially punched, he was taken to the hospital to be checked out.  He was back in school Friday morning.