Female driver blocked by two cars, terrorized by strangers

A Henry County woman said she was blocked in by two cars and approached by strangers while waiting for a traffic light, all less than a mile from her home.

"She came home last night, she was terrified, shaking," parent Joanna Johnson said.

The Johnsons said the frightening encounter unfolded at the intersection of Campground Road and Highway 155 in McDonough Tuesday night. Tenaya Johnson was driving home from a friend's house when she ran into trouble.

"The car in front of me was slowing down before we got to the light. Once we came to the light he came to a complete stop that's when I noticed in my rear view the car was approaching flashing their lights at me and not like their hazards like they were deliberately flashing them," said Tenaya Johnson.

Then, Johnson said the driver pulled up beside her in the turn lane and began staring at her.

"At that time the car in front of me swings their door all the way open and he signaled for him to come forward so the guy drove forward but the way he did it he didn't just drive straight he drove up at an angle so he took up the whole turn lane but the back of his car was in the oncoming traffic lane," said Tenaya Johnson.

Johnson said the car pulled up so close to the vehicle stopped in front of her on the two-lane road, it struck the man's open door.

"The light turns green and neither one of them move and I can't hear them talking.  None of them are moving so I'm trying to figure out what's going on.  That's when I see two guys to the right of my car start walking towards my car," Tenaya Johnson said.

Johnson threw her car in reverse, swerved around the vehicles blocking the road, and raced home. She feared she was being followed. The Johnsons said they called the police and are warning area residents to be on their guard.

"It was absolutely terrifying to know that she was that close to home and that something like that could happen,” said Joanna Johnson.