'Felony Lane Gang' members arrested in Indiana

Authorities in Indiana arrested three women Sunday night dubbed as the “Felony Lane Gang” who have taunted law enforcement officers in Georgia on social media.

Indiana State Police arrested 27-year-old Amber Dunlap, 26-year-old Tiphanie Sager and 23-year-old Toni Huizar Sunday night after a short chase, Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine told FOX 5 Monday morning.

Sgt. Perrine will release more information about the arrests later Monday.

Earlier in February, Covington Police and Crime Stoppers posted information about the three after they allegedly posted the taunting messages on Instagram.

One of the posts in a possible message to officers reads, "Do ya job [expletive]." Another boastfully shows a woman displaying stacks of dollar bills.

"They might be taunting us with what they're posting on social media. With all the active warrants we've got on them through all these different jurisdictions, it's just a matter of time before we get them," said Officer Justin Stott with Covington Police told FOX 5’s Jaclyn Schultz on February 12.

Officers identified Dunlap, Sager, and Huizar at the time, and added there is an unknown number of men and women in the crew.

According to Covington Police, the crew has broken into cars across Newton County, Gwinnett County, Clarke County and possibly Florida. 

The break-ins have happened in parks and gyms-- all places where people typically leave purses or belongings while working out. The thieves typically use rental cars to commit the crimes, officers said.