Fans rally behind Braves after 7-6 loss in game one of NLDS playoffs

Braves fans gathered at The Battery to watch their team in game one of the playoffs against the Cardinals. St. Louis held off Atlanta in the ninth inning of Thursday's game. Final score 7-6.

“I was really excited to see (Freddie) Freeman get his homerun and (Ron) Acuna, of course,” says Wes Joines of Kennesaw.

Joines watched as the Braves scored three points in the final inning. He remains optimistic about game two.

“It was tough, tough for us fans,” Joines told FOX 5's Kerry Charles. “We'll come out tomorrow. Hopefully we'll come back with some good energy.”

A number of fans left SunTrust Park near the top of the ninth. Others took notes for Friday's matchup.

“I think they need to get there early to make sure the pitchers know they have the confidence to trust this defense,” says Timothy Green of Snellville.

Many of the fans we spoke with say they are hopeful the Braves will take the next three games. On Friday, the team will again have home field advantage. Game two begins at 4:37PM.