Family wants Fulton County DA to re-examine shooting death of Jamarion Robinson

An Atlanta mother says she wants the four officers involved in her son's shooting death, four years ago, to be arrested.

Montaria Robinson organized a protest rally Monday afternoon outside of the Fulton County courthouse, where she claims Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard has been dragging feet on her son's case.

"My son was a college student at Tuskegee University. He was a student-athlete who was at his girlfriend's house when 16 rogue cops broke down the door. Over 90 rounds were fired at my son, flash-bang grenades were thrown at him, landed on him burning him. Somebody walked up the stairs, stood over him, and shot down into his body two more times.  After that he was handcuffed and drug down a flight of stairs," an angry Monteria Robinson complained.

The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office Public Integrity Unit came outside to hear what was going on. The protestors started chanting at them.

"Arrest the cops, it's been four years. Vote Paul Out," were just some of the rallying cries from the crowd.

The office executive director said Mr. Robinson's case is very different from the recent arrests of the Morehouse and Spelman students during the anti-police protests. Six officers were arrested in record time for allegedly using excessive force against Messiah Young and Taniyah Pilgrim.

"In the Jamarion Robinson case there were 16 officers present, none of them wore bodycams. We have no idea what happened on the inside of that apartment. We have spent these last couple of years trying to recreate the scene.  We have a civil lawsuit against the Department of Justice for information. This is a high priority case for this office," Executive Director Seleta Griffin commented.

Ms. Griffin said the office had planned to take the case before the grand jury in March, but the COVID-19 crisis delayed that indictment against four officers.