Family seeks heroes who rescued them after crash

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A mother and her 3-year-old son were saved by complete strangers after a terrifying crash. The mother suffered several broken bones and they came to her rescue carrying her up that steep hill. That family is searching for those three men to tell them to thank you.

Tiaria Johnson said there are no other explanations for how they survived the crash other than by the Grace of God. But she also thanks everyone from the EMTs to the dispatchers to hospital staff who made a very scary situation a little easier to handle.

Her 3-year-old Chase was all smiles at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston after doctors didn't find a single scratch on him following a serious car crash. His mother was banged up with several broken bones but said she's blessed to be alive.

Thursday, while traveling on Interstate 85 in Coweta County, they got in a crash that sent their car down an embankment.

"I climbed over the back seat and I grabbed my son. I just remember seeing someone at the top. I was like ‘Help me! help me! help me!" Tiaria recalled.

Three men came to her rescue. A cell phone video was taken of the men climbing up the hill with Tiaria in one of the men’s arms.

"He had her, he held her, he was there in the gap for us because we could not…Had no idea an accident was even happening," said Taressa Thompson.

In fact, Tiaria's mom, Taressa was in Henry County at the time of the accident, because her son had just been admitted to the hospital. That's when she found out about the accident.

"I'm frantic at this point. I don't know the condition of my daughter. I don't know the condition of my grandson," said Thompson.

Chase was fine and talking about the fun he had with EMTs. Tiaria was in a lot of pain but alive. Now they want to find the men who didn't turn their backs on them.

"We have the opportunity to continue living with the both of them. It could have gone the other way really quickly. People could stand at the top and say we could do something. These people sprung into action and were down in that cliff with her and saving their lives. So we just want to stay thank you," said Tiaria.