Family offers $10,000 reward to find gunmen in Marietta murder

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The family of a Cobb County man who was shot and killed outside a Marietta apartment is offering a 10-thousand dollar reward to help find his killer. The shooting happened at the Crescent Square Apartments on Austell Road the morning of July 19. 

Milton's family desperately wants answers.  

"We will not stop searching, we will not stop knocking on doors, we will not stop asking questions until we get the truth," said Rev. Eusebio Bishop, Milton's brother.

Rev. Bishop says his brother used to live at the Crescent Square Apartments but had moved some time back. Bishop says Milton stopped by to visit a friend. It was before noon when Cobb Police say the gunfire started. "People heard multiple gunshots, that's when neighbors looked out and noticed a male laying in the parking lot," said Cobb County Police Officer Alicia Chilton.

Roland Milton died before he made it to the hospital.  The 29 year old had 3 little girls ages 2, 4 and the oldest is 7 years old.  "She's old enough to understand what's going on, she's confused like all of us are," said Milton's uncle Deon Milton. 

Police say 4 armed men wearing ski masks and white gloves ran away before officers arrived.  Police have yet to identify them.  Officers say there were more than 100 people outside the apartments when they pulled up to the scene, but few people were forthcoming with information.  

Five days later without any arrests, Milton's family is now hoping a 10-thousand dollar reward plus the 2-thousand dollars from Crimestoppers will help authorities find the gunmen. "We know someone saw something so we're going to continue to search, we want answers, we will not rest until we have justice for Ro," said Rev. Bishop.