Family of Rayshard Brooks calls for conviction of officer to restore trust in police

The family of the man killed by Atlanta police is demanding justice and says the only way to heal some of the wounds is with a conviction.

More than 20 family members of the 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks gathered to talk about how much he meant to his family.

"Even though I can't bring my husband back, I know he is down smiling because his name will forever be remembered.  He was a good man who was always smiling and always saw the positive," widow Tomika Miller said.

"The trust we have in the police force is broken. The only way to heal some of those wounds is through a conviction and a drastic change in the police department," cousin Tiara Brooks insisted.

Mr. Brooks, who was African American, did while fleeing from two white officers in the Wendy's parking lot. Employees called police when Brooks fell asleep in the drive-through line. He got into a tussle with police when they tried to arrest him.

"No one walking this green earth expects to be shot and killed like trash in the street for falling asleep at a drive-thru," rooks cousin Chassidy Evans said with her voice cracking.

Family members said Brooks was a loving husband and father, a girl dad, who was celebrating his 8-year-old's birthday.

"There is no justice. I can never get my husband back," Ms. Miller complains.

At one point several family members leave the news conference.

"You picked the wrong one. Y'all did not have to kill him. Y'all killed the wrong one," cousin "Decatur Red" cried out as he left the news conference.

Brooks death at the hands of police set off even more protests at a time when America was already raw following George Floyd's death. In a matter of hours, protestors blocked the interstate in Atlanta, then torched the Wendy's, all in an effort, they said, to be heard.

The news conference ended with a plea from Brooks' widow.

"I am just thankful for everything that everyone is out there doing and I just ask that if you can just keep it as a peaceful protest that would be wonderful because we want to keep his name positive," Ms. Miller requested.

Attorney L. Chris Stewart said actor/producer/director Tyler Perry has agreed to pay for the funeral.