Family of inmate found dead releases video surrounding his death

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A Rockdale county family released a graphic video of their naked loved one, just hours before he died.

Police arrested 22-year-old Shali Tilson on a disorderly conduct charge back in March of 2018.

Tilson's family says he is bipolar and was having a mental episode at the time of his arrest. Nine days later the 22-year-old was dead, his family says he lost 20 pounds while in solitary confinement.

The family released new video from an 8-hour stretch of video they recently received. They say during the entire 8 hours no one opened the door that Tilson kept knocking on.  The inmate was naked and desperately seeking help.

"They treated my son worse than an animal and body is being held accountable for that?" Tilson's mother questioned.

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The Tilson family filed a federal lawsuit against the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office following Shali’s death in March of 2018.  Attorneys believe the case is not getting much attention because the Sheriff in Rockdale county, Eric Levett, is African American

“Folks who have the power and influence to make decisions, must be held accountable no matter what their race is,” Attorney Mawuli Davis insisted.

"This case should shine a bright light on how mental illness is being handled in our criminal justice system," Davis concluded.

An attorney for the Rockdale County Sheriff's office released the following statement:

“In an effort to preserve the integrity of the judicial process and avoid any potential to bias jurors who may be asked to decide the case in the future, it is the policy of our office to avoid commenting on the substance of pending litigation against our clients.  My clients have all filed motions to dismiss the federal lawsuit, and those motions remain pending.  Should you wish to review the filings in federal court, they are all publicly available.”

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