Family of Baytown woman killed by cop says autopsy proves murder

Private preliminary autopsy results have now been released for Pamela Turner, the unarmed woman shot and killed last week by a Baytown police officer.

Turner was shot three times, according to the pathologist hired by the family. 

"Right here was the most devastating injury to the family. He shot her in the face,” explains renowned Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump. 

The gun blast to Turner’s cheek shattered several bones, according to the independent autopsy, which shows Turner was shot in her face, chest and abdomen by Baytown Police Officer Juan Delacruz.

"This was an unjustified murder,” says Crump.

Turner’s family points to autopsy findings that state the three shots were “distant.”

"This was purposely done. The amount of distance between the two, there was no fear or threat or danger that my mom posed to this man,” adds Turner’s daughter Chelsie Rubin.

“Look at the video. He’s going away from her.  He can just continue to back up while she’s on the ground. She is not a threat to him while she’s on the ground and he’s backing away,” says Crump. 

"There was nothing justified about how this man behaved. He was enraged. He displayed himself as a monster,” adds Turner’s sister, Tracy Frazier.

There is cell phone video of Turner’s last moments alive as Delacruz tried to arrest her for outstanding Criminal Mischief and Assault warrants. The officer and Turner actually lived in the same apartment complex. Loved ones say Turner filed a complaint with Baytown police. 

"Because she was getting arrested a lot in that apartment complex for very small things,” Crump says.

"The police officer never deescalated the situation, ever. He instigated it. He escalated it,” says Crump.

According to the autopsy, it doesn’t appear Turner was pregnant and marks on her leg are possibly from being tased as she struggled with the officer. Turner battled mental illness. Her family says Delacruz knew that. 

"They (reporters) keep asking was she on medication?  Was she this? Was she that? Ask the question was he on medication? Was something wrong with him?” asks Turner’s sister Tracy Frazier.   

Antoinette Dorsey James says this message is from her sister, Pamela:

"A lot of people suffer with mental illness and they are treated differently. We are judged, harassed, hurt and in my case executed”. 

After talking with FOX 26's Damali Keith, the family was headed to the funeral home to find out if the shot to Turner’s face will keep them from having an open casket funeral Thursday, where Reverend Al Sharpton is expected to speak.

The Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office hasn’t yet released its autopsy findings. Texas Rangers are investigating the shooting. 

Officer Delacruz is back at work on administrative duty after a three-day paid leave, which is customary when an officer is involved in a shooting.