Family hoping dad with stage 4 cancer can meet Tiger Woods

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A South Carolina family is hoping their dad can have the chance to meet his favorite golfer at the Masters this week.

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Meeting Tiger Woods would be a dream-come-true for Shane Caldwell, who's currently battling stage 4 lung cancer. The two-time colon cancer survivor was diagnosed with stage 3b lung cancer in August 2016, but it has since progressed to stage four. 

"The two cancers aren't related, just a case of some really bad luck," said Jordan Miller, Caldwell's step-daughter. 

Miller told FOX 5's Katie Muse that her step-dad has always been an avid golfer, and the sport brings him the most joy as he fights for his life. 

"Cancer keeps trying to knock him down, but it hasn't taken away his love for the game at all," Miller said. "He loves the sport and has closely followed his favorite golfers for decades." 

Caldwell's all-time favorite is Tiger Woods. 

"Shane's absolute biggest dreams are to play a round at Augusta National and to meet Tiger Woods," Miller said. 

Unfortunately, Caldwell isn't able to play golf right now as he undergoes treatment; however, he has been given two tickets to the tournament on Thursday. Now, his family is hoping to fulfill his dream since Woods will be playing in Augusta. 

"This is a man who never asks for anything. He doesn’t pity himself and he doesn’t seek sympathy due to his illness. If given the opportunity to make a single wish, I can 100 percent guarantee you he would use that wish for someone else, likely my mom," Miller said. "He’s the most kind-hearted and genuine man I know and although I can’t make all his dreams come true, if I could make even one a reality for him there are no words to describe the happiness it would bring."

Miller said Caldwell has followed Woods for nearly 30 years and has cheered for him throughout all the ups and downs. 

"His support for Tiger’s career has been fierce and unfaltering," Miller said. "I’d like to think if given the same opportunity, Tiger Woods would show him the same support."