Family became victims of theft twice in one day

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A family became victims of theft twice in one day. The first time, items were stolen from their home.  Later that night, the crooks came back and stole their car. 

Claude Anderson says no one was home when crooks smashed through his back window. He says they stole a 50-inch tv, and plenty of jewelry, including his wife's engagement ring and jewelry that had been passed down to her from her grandmother. 

"It's disgusting and disheartening to know there are people so soulless they will steal your stuff, stuff that means something to you like heirlooms or an engagement ring, something that means more to you than just a monetary figure," said Anderson.

Surveillance video shows a man loading a television into a Jeep Patriot parked in front of the home around 10:30 Tuesday morning. Police believe the guy was working with another man who was driving a Dodge Challenger which can also be seen in the video.  

Anderson says the crooks also swiped a spare key FOB to his Infinity.  Anderson says he didn't even realize the FOB was gone until later that night when he looked out the window and his Infinity was gone.  A neighbor's security camera caught what appears to be the same Jeep Patriot drive back into the neighborhood around 9:30 PM.  "The video shows him very casually, nonchalantly walk up to the vehicle, get in and drive off like it's his own," said Anderson. 

Anderson is angry and frustrated and wants these guys caught.

"As a Christian, I can forgive them, but that doesn't mean I don't want justice done," said Anderson.

Police say they dusted for prints and were able to pick up some evidence.  Neighbors are hoping it's enough, along with the video, to catch the crooks.