Falling tree kills driver, closes lanes on I-20

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A downed tree led to the closure of multiple lanes of traffic on Interstate 20 Wednesday morning.

Officials said that the tree fell from the side of the road onto a pickup truck on I-20 less than a mile east of Fairburn Road. It struck the cab of the truck.

"And I look over and I mean, it's just like, it looks like a bomb hit the truck," said driver James Reno.

Reno drove up on the scene minutes after the accident. The tree can be seen laying across the pavement in a video he shared with FOX 5 News.

"And the one thing that came to my mind was, you know, how well we think our cars are built until something like that happens...no crash test in the world can prepare you for something like that," said Reno.

When officers reached the scene, the driver had already died. Police said no other vehicles were involved, but one transfer truck might have hit debris from the tree.

"It hits home when something like that happens," Reno said.

All lanes of traffic have since reopened.