Expert homeschooling tips for the COVID-19 school break

Most school systems in the area are now shut down because of the coronavirus. Students will begin studying at home for at least the next two weeks, perhaps longer in some cases. But how to do that? We asked home school experts for advice.

 Let’s start with this piece of advice from Michelle Crose who has been homeschooling her children for 15 years.

“Your attitude sets the attitude in the home, Crose says. "An attitude of, this is an adventure; we get to try this. It’s going to be fun. Also, as a parent, be confident you are able to help your children.”

Crose's degree is in aerospace engineering, but she says you can do it. You really can. Here’s her advice: Create a schedule. Make a framework for the day. Most school systems will have an online template ready, but maybe you can get the students’ input about the course of the day.

“In my homeschool, we always did math right after breakfast because in my home the best brain for math was first thing in the morning. And that was kind of a milestone, once we got something done it was, wow, it set the tone and made us ready to tackle the next thing,” Crose told FOX 5's Dana Fowle.

But this is what she would do next: take a break. So many parents think kids should have more recess time, so now is the time. Carve out 15 minutes to run, move, or dance. No tablets. Not TV. Movement. Then sit back down. New subject. Repeat.

It’s like working at home, but maybe more fun. Remember that it’s not vacation. They still need a regular bedtime, a regular wake-up time. Have them eat their breakfast, brush their teeth, and dress for at-home school every day.

Without a routine, the system could be chaotic and miserable for everyone. 

On Wednesday, FOX 5 will have links to free learning tools to aid in art, science, and language studies.