EXCLUSIVE: Father's violent arrest caught on camera

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A family is demanding answers after a father's rough arrest was caught on camera. 

FOX 5 obtained exclusive video that showed a Monroe police officer using a Taser multiple times on Ivan Tory, then ripping him out of a chair and dragging him to the ground in front of his home's front porch. Police said Tory and the officer were in some type of verbal altercation before there was an attempt to arrest him. 

In the video, you can hear an officer yell, "Move your f---ing hands or get Tased" followed by "Who's next? Who's next?"

FOX's Laura Neal spoke to the Monroe police chief, who said they are actively investigating what led up to what happened in the video. He said they are planning to get their hands on the body camera video, check their call logs and 911 reports in order to figure out what led to the arrest.

Shanna Tory, Ivan's wife, said he was tased eight times and that police were only in the neighborhood because they were called out to break up an underage party down the street.

"They Tased my husband half to death. He has heart issues – he's got a heart murmur – they could have killed him," she said.

The family was supposed to go to White Water on Sunday to celebrate Father's Day. Instead, they waited for the father to be released from jail.

"They scared my kids. Scared them, and then they wonder why people don't trust them," Shanna Tory said.

Friend and neighbor Byron Mitchell recorded the arrest and claims officers got physical with him as he tried to leave the scene.

"He like sucker-tripped me and slammed me down and another cop comes in and forces his hand or knee or something to my head," Mitchell said.

The Monroe police chief told FOX 5 that the officer was a "good cop" but that he was young and had a lot to learn when it comes to addressing the public. He said the language used in the video would not be tolerated in his department.

Authorities said Tory faces obstruction of justice charges.