Emotions run high at Paulding County School Board meeting following viral photo

A fiery meeting at Paulding County's first Board of Education meeting since school re-opened. Parents and teachers on both sides made their voices heard.

"You should be protecting your teacher. We don't want to close schools down," said one South Paulding High School teacher.

The night began with impassioned pleas from two South Paulding High School teachers at Tuesday night's Paulding County Board of Education meeting.

Others came out in full support of the board pointing to the fact that parents had the choice between virtual and digital learning.

"Our children need their teachers. They need in-person class," said one parent at the meeting.


Before the doors opened, people holding signs gathered in front of the Board of Education office.

"I cannot be happier. I love school. I've been in this Paulding County District since kindergarten," said Grace Debbelt, a North Paulding senior.

North Paulding High School made national headlines after a picture went viral showing a picture of a crowded hallway with few students wearing masks.

"What concerns me is the fact that it's being made a big issue out of it. Viruses happen. It's a 99.98% survival rate," said Brandi Reynolds, a Paulding County parent.

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"I think it's not surprising in Paulding County. I think the district has not done a great job at making the difficult decisions," said Shelia Garcia-Sanchez, a Paulding County parent.

Superintendent Brian Otott also addressed the room Tuesday night. Otott said the district is still working out the kinks in its reopening plan. Otott also said the district is putting out a list of positive COVID-19 cases for each school. That list will be available Friday, August 14.