Effort underway to ban 'booting' in Atlanta parking lots

Atlanta City Councilman Amir Farokhi is co-sponsoring legislation to ban booting in private parking lots in the city.

"I think, for a long time, people have thought it was a bit of a predatory practice. It's fairly unregulated and it takes advantage of a lot of folks,'" the councilman explained.

Attorney Matt Wetherington applauds the city's efforts. His law firm has filed suit against some parking companies in Atlanta, claiming they are illegally booting cars. "We strongly support this proposal and admire the courage of the city council members who are stepping up against this very strong special interest group. "

FOX 5 reached out to several booting companies for comment on Wednesday.  Only one returned our call. A spokesman for the company said they were out of town and would only speak to us with his lawyer present.

The Atlanta City Council is set to vote on the anti-booting proposal on Monday.

Resident Jeff Johnson hopes it's approved. "For the customer that just leave their car for five minutes to run into a store that's next door to the lot where they are being booted, I don't think that's fair."