East Point Police search for suspects in deadly armed robbery attempt

East Point Police are searching for two gunmen who shot and killed a woman they were trying to rob on Washington Road Saturday morning. 

“If they wanted to rob her, they should’ve just taken what they wanted to take,” Roby’s aunt Andrette Sarden said. “They didn’t have to kill her.”

Joylessa Roby was walking along Washington Road when the two men in hoodies approached her. Police tell FOX 5 she ended up getting shot in the back.

“Some two guys with hoods on tried to attack her and rob her, shot her close range in the back, and some other people was trying to help her,” said Roby’s aunt Andrette Sarden.

Two good samaritans saw Roby and called 911. Police say the robbers shot at the good samaritans as well. They were not hurt. 

“Even though their life was in danger as well, I just want to thank them for trying to save her even though the criminals who did this were trying to shoot them as well for trying to help her to save her,” Andrette Sarden said.

Now, the police and Roby’s family are asking for any witnesses or people with information on the suspects to come forward. 

“She never hurt nobody, so we’re hoping that if anyone’s seen anything, please come forward, please,” said Eddie Sarden, Roby’s uncle.