East Point Firefighter saves family pet

An  East Point firefighter is receiving high praise after saving a dog's life in March.  

"To see the dog come out and be limp and handed to me like that, I just wanted to do something," Firefighter Gerrell Lilly told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes. 

Firefighters responded to a report of a house fire on Scenic Drive March 20. After fire crews extinguished the blaze, distraught family members told them their two dogs were still inside the residence.  

"By that time one of the dogs had been brought out and that was the dog that wasn't breathing Frisky. and they handed her to me. I started doing compressions on her".

After a few cycles of CPR and supplemental oxygen, firefighters started to see the oxygen mask fog up, so they knew the dog was starting to breathe again. 

"It just happened to work that time. We were blessed that it was able to work that time for that animal."

Firefighter Lilly was recently honored with a proclamation from Georgia's Safety Fire Commissioner Jim Beck for his dedication to the fire service through his life-saving act of heroism.

The firefighter has a real love for animals and considered becoming a veterinarian before pursuing a career as a firefighter, which makes this life-saving call all the more special.

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