Duluth Police use drone and K-9s to take down burglary suspects

Police in Duluth used their drone to track a pair of suspected burglars trying to escape. The crooks allegedly broke into a Shell station on Buford Highway, but officers were quickly on their trail.

An officer on patrol happened to drive past the gas station early Saturday morning, and he noticed a car parked right up against the door, even though the station was closed.

“He pulled into the Shell gas station and witnessed glass was shattered,” said Officer Ted Sadowski of the Duluth Police Department.

The officer called for backup on the ground with K-9s, Duluth officers and Gwinnett Police, and in the air with the Duluth Police Department’s drone.

“That can pretty much look at a larger scale area with the capabilities of night vision and heat image,” Sadowski said.

Local business owner Jose Sanchez happened to be working late that night.

“I was actually working on one of the Duluth police officer’s vehicles that I needed to have ready for the next day,” said Sanchez.

When he saw the officers, Sanchez checked his security cameras and couldn't believe his eyes. Two crooks ran right by his shop. Sanchez helped lead officers up some stairs to nearby dumpsters.

Moments later, officers arrested two men: Terry Price and Leonunte Carson.

“It was just funny they were inside the dumpster, but it's good that they got em,” said Sanchez.

After the arrest, officers said Carson did one more thing to try and fool the police.

“He gave the name of his brother, at that time he was booked into the Gwinnett County Jail,” Sadowski said. Police said Carson could face additional charges for giving a false name.

Police said they're glad they had the tools and technology to find the burglars quickly.

“We do everything we can to bring justice to the victims, and here we did just that,” Sadowski said.

Both men are now charged with obstruction and burglary. FOX 5 spoke to the owner of that Shell station who said, other than causing a lot of damage to his store, the crooks didn't even get away with anything.