Student cut by knife in fight at Duluth High School, officials say

Duluth High School (Gwinnett County Schools)

A fight at Duluth High School ended with one student injured and another facing criminal charges.

According to a letter sent by Duluth High School principal Eric Davidson, the fight happened shortly before first period Thursday outside the school's cafeteria.

Officials say during the fight, one of the students "displayed a knife" and cut the other student.

School administrators and resource officers who were nearby quickly stopped the fight.

The student who was injured only suffered a "superficial wound," Davidson wrote in the letter.

"I want to reassure you, we are taking this situation seriously," he said. "Unfortunately, young people sometimes make impulsive decisions without considering the lasting potential consequences of those actions."

The principal says both students will face disciplinary consequences for fighting and the student who used the knife will face criminal charges.