Car crushed by train on Duluth tracks, driver narrowly escapes

A train slammed into a vehicle stuck on the truck in Duluth just minutes after its driver was able to get out safely.

It happened around 9:45 p.m. Friday. Duluth police released video of the incident that happened at the railroad crossing on Duluth Highway near Buford Highway.

The driver told police she was unfamiliar with the area. The video shows her mistaking the railroad tracks as a turn. The car then gets stuck on the tracks.

The woman then gets out of the vehicle for a second time as the arms come down, and the lights begin to flash at the crossing. She is able to clear the area just before the train slams into her car and drags it further down the tracks.

No one was injured.

Police remind drivers to call 911 immediately if they become stuck or disabled on train tracks, be alert and to make sure to keep clear of the area.