Driver arrested in deadly hit and run, family torn to pieces over loss

Dekalb County Police arrested a driver they said hit and killed a motorcyclist on Bouldercrest Road and then sped off. The family of the man who died, 29-year-old Alvin Robinson, is still in pieces over the shocking and sudden loss.

Robinson's fiance, Ariel Curtis, said they were planning their wedding for next September, but their dreams were interrupted by a truck driver who pulled out in front of Robinson in front of a Texaco station. The impact threw Robinson from his bike.

"He said, "I'm not gonna lie to you...It's bad," said Curtis of the phone call warning her about the crash. "They were doing CPR before he even left the scene."

Robinson was rushed to the hospital.

"I just kept talking to him, just fight, come on, you gotta be strong, just fight," said Curtis.

The driver took off instantly. "The bike hit the car so hard he flipped off the bike, so you knew you hurt somebody, bad," said Curtis, wondering how that driver could leave the scene.

Curtis said a stranger passing by ran to help her fiance, but it was too late.

"She watched him take his last two breaths and held his hand and let me know that he didnt have any pain," Curtis said.

That woman came to Robinson's vigil Monday night to pray with his family.

"She's saved in my phone as 'Anthony's angel,'" said Curtis.

Their prayers were answered when police arrested El Amin Muhammad, who is now facing multiple charges including Vehicular Homicide and driving without a license.

"He can just rest because the person who did this to him is not gonna get away with it, he's not gonna get away with it," said Curtis.

For Curtis, her peace comes from knowing justice will prevail and that Robinson lost his life doing what he loved most:

"He loved that bike, oh he loved it," said Curtis. "If he had to die, I am glad it was like that because he loved it so much."

Robinson's set up a Go Fund Me to cover funeral expenses, but they say anything that's leftover will be used to start a non-profit to help motorcyclists who get hurt but who don't have insurance get medical care.