Drive-by shooting terrifies Decatur neighborhood

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Families in one Decatur community are ready to fight back after bullets tear into their homes.

The shooting happened in the Oakhurst area on Sunday morning.

Neighbor Michael Mellars says one of the bullets went through his house and came within feet of striking him or a member of his family.

Officials say at least two houses were struck by bullets, but thankfully no one was hurt.

Neighbors report hearing about eight shots during the drive-by shooting.

"It was pretty terrifying, and this is a pretty family-friendly community," Mellars said. "There are a lot of kids on this street, so the big concern was these children are asleep in their beds. They don't deserve to be woken up to the sound of gunfire like that. It was pretty terrifying for the whole family" 

Decatur police hope evidence recovered from the scene along with surveillance footage will lead them to the shooter.