Dozens of cars rummaged through, guns and cash stolen

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Guns and money.  Canton Police say that's what thieves were looking for when they entered dozens of cars in two subdivisions. 

Ben and Lisa Hines's home surveillance captured video of people in their cars.  

"They were rummaging through the truck, opened the glove box, pulled everything out and thew it on the seats," said Lisa Hines.

Canton Police say they went through at least 25 cars in the Summer Walk and Park Village subdivisions. 

"What really made me worried is later we found out a gun was stolen from our neighbors' house which it showed on our video before they came to our house," said Ben Hines.

David Bishop woke up to find police in his yard. Then he discovered the glove box and console of his truck had been opened.  He also found a wallet in the street.  

"It was my neighbor's wallet.  Most everything in it was gone," said Bishop.

Police believe there were four young men in their teens or early 20's behind the crimes.  Investigators say at least three guns were stolen and cash.  

Christina Hardy's brother was staying at her house. His vehicle was in the driveway.  

"They got a pistol, his money about 100 dollars, and he accidentally left his keys in the front seat so they got some house keys too," said Hardy. 

Investigators said all of the vehicles that were hit were unlocked. Neighbors said while they don't see much crime around here, this confirms we're all vulnerable. 

"Lesson learned.  Keep your cars locked and don't leave anything of value in there," said Bishop.

Police have added patrols in the neighborhoods and Wednesday plan to have their evening Roll Call in the Summer Walk subdivision.