Douglasville mom's car slammed by washing machine in hit-and-run

A close call for a driver in Douglasville when a washing machine flew out the back of a truck, slamming into the front of her car. Now the woman is hoping someone will help her find the person responsible for the damage in the hit and run.

"It has totally messed everything up," said the mother of two Christina Cullen.

Last Friday, Cullen was heading to work in Douglasville when she was hit with a huge, unwelcome surprise on Chapel Hill Road near Fowler Field Park just before 7 a.m.

"All of a sudden, I just saw this large box cartwheeling towards me," said Cullen. "I slammed on the brakes, and it hit me dead center, and it was a washing machine," said the teacher.

Cullen said a light-colored truck driving in the opposite lane of traffic had unsecured items in the cab of the pickup truck.

"It tore off my front grill, broke my radiator, the fluid was coming out," said Cullen.

The mother said she's thankful the woman driving behind the pickup truck pulled over to help her out. "She held my hand and called 911...and tried to hold a conversation with me because I was shook up," said Cullen.

She said she also thought that the driver was stopping to help her but was shocked to see what he did next. "He said, 'Did it hit your car?' And that was it," said Cullen. "And once the lady who was with me told him my airbag deployed, he left."

Cullen said the man looked at the washing machine before speeding away from the scene. "I just want to find him. I just want him to take responsibility," said Cullen. "Right now it's falling all on me."

Cullen said all this damage has not only put her out $7,000, it's impacting her son's medical care. "I have a son who has medical needs. I can't take him to his feeding therapies and other appointments. I have no way to get him there," said Cullen.

Douglasville Police are now investigating this crash hoping to find the driver through the washing machine he left on scene. "I don't think he's going to turn himself in," said Cullen. "He came back to check on the washing machine, but he didn't come back to check on me," said the mom of why she hopes someone in the community will remember seeing that driver.

If you think you know who the driver of the older model light-colored pickup truck, possibly a Chevrolet, is, please contact the police immediately.