Douglas County deputies warn of new phone scam

A phone scam in Douglas County drops big names in hopes of gaining the victim's confidence and cooperation. What the scammers want is money and if the victims don't pay up they are threatening to be arrested.

So far, the scammers have been calling Douglas County Schools employees and even some doctors here. At least one person has paid up.

The scammers are using the name of a lieutenant in the warrant division at the Douglas County Jail. They claim to have an arrest warrant for the person on the other end of the line.

The scammers have used his name, just in case the victims take the extra step to find out if a lt. Tim Walker actually exists.

The real Lt. Tim Walker of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said he is not the person who has called up victims claiming to have an arrest warrant for them and warning them to send money immediately through Western Union.

But it doesn't work that way. Anyone with an arrest warrant won't get a phone call, but a knock on at the door.

Also, no government agency will ever require money be wired to them through Western Union. That also doesn't work that way.

The real Tim Walker has gotten phone calls from potential victims. That's another way to check is look up the phone number of the person who is supposedly calling and give them a call.