Don't forget to gift yourself this holiday season

Christmas 2021 is in our rearview mirror, but we are betting you forgot an important gift — one for yourself. We're not talking about more things or more stuff, but gifts that will give you peace of mind. 

Start by giving yourself rest and time alone. Maybe that's a walk or a book. Whatever it is, just carve out time for yourself. Start with five minutes a day, build up to your own private hour alone. 

Then, give yourself the gift of savings. It doesn’t have to be a huge sacrifice today to make retirement better. It can be a small lifestyle change like cutting out a glass of wine per week. Gregory Phelps, a financial advisor, does the math. 

"You mentioned wine, $20 a week in wine, or your $5, Starbucks, I call it five bucks, if you decided to do that or decide to get a less expensive kind of coffee, it adds up to huge numbers over time. And I would urge anyone to put that into any financial calculator you put online, put in a nominal five percent return. You see that this nominal $20 spending, it ends up being thousands of dollars later," said Canton's Griffith & Werner CEO.

We are not talking about a financial diet. Just cutting back. Now combine the two gifts: carving out time and money for yourself. That's quite a gift.