Dog paralyzed from BB gun shot

A dog is paralyzed after someone shot him with a b-b gun, and whoever did it, just left Ryker on his own. By the time a good Samaritan found him, his back paws were severely injured from dragging them on the concrete.

He has a wheelchair now but needs more care. FOX 5 spoke with the man who found him, and the rescue group who is desperately trying to raise money

"Ryker, he's just demonstrated resilience, perseverance, and to see just so happy to be alive," says Two Tailz Rescue founder Carolyn Reaves.

Ryker who is barely a year old has already suffered so much. Someone shot him with a BB Gun- paralyzing him.

Reaves says the abuse inflicted up Ryker is inexcusable.

"There's no rhyme or race to harm anyone or anything that doesn't have a voice. And Ryker is 13 pounds of pure joy, I mean pure joy.  Not one mean bone in his body, there's absolutely zero rationale as to why someone would have been triggered to do that," said Reaves.

And there's a good chance Ryker wouldn't be here today, had it not been for Chris Davenport, who saw Ryker dragging himself down a street in Cumming.

"My heart would not allow me to leave him in the cultisack in pain, he needed help," said Davenport.

Chris took him to the vet, and Carolyn's organization stepped in to help.

"The BB is lodged in his spine so we are working to raise some funds in order to see if we can get him to a neurologist, to get that bullet removed," said Reaves.

As for who shot Ryker, Forsyth County Animal Control is looking into that, and there is a reward.  For everyone who has met Ryker, they just don't understand how someone could do this to such a loving dog.

"From the time I picked him up, he was so sweet. He kissed my nose. There's just not one harmful bone in his body and for somebody to do that to him, it's just appalling," said Davenport.

"He can't use his back end, sometimes he can't control his bladder, he really is the most joyful dog that we've rescued in a very long time"