Desserts delivered to Dunwoody officer injured in traffic stop

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A Dunwoody police officer who was dragged down the interstate and thrown onto the road says he is grateful for all the thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery.

But he's especially thankful for the sweet treats sent from around the world.

Dashcam video released by police shows Dunwoody Police Officer Nathan Daley and another officer stopping a silver Chevy Malibu. Police said the driver, identified as 35-year-old Decatur resident Derric Alexander Simpson had been texting.

The video shows the driver taking off with Daley hanging out of the window. The car goes down the exit ramp on to Interstate 285, it is swerving and running up against other cars.

Officer Daley was knocked off and landed on Interstate 285. Simpson kept going, eventually slamming into several other cars before making a run for it

After a short time in the hospital, Daley was released to recover, saying in a video message that he would "bounce back, 10 times stronger."

In that message, Officer Daley joked he was looking forward to some treats.

"I accept donations in the form of sweets, cookies, cupcakes, with sprinkles, vanilla or red velvet," he said.

That small comment became something much bigger, Dunwoody police said. Since then, Daley has gotten deliveries of cookies, cakes, and pies from all over the country. One delivery came all the way from California.

Daley didn't think people would take him seriously, but he wanted to thank anyone who donated, wrote letters, or even just kept him in their prayers.

His coworkers say he was generous enough to share the delicious treats with them too.