Deputy rescues two overdose victims in one night

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A Forsyth County deputy is being honored for his life-saving efforts to save two people who overdosed on heroin, which all occurred in one night.

One of the rescues was captured on his comrade's dashcam video.

The ordeal, Sgt. Michael Reutter tells FOX 5, occurred in a span of five hours.

"Never in my wildest dreams would I expect to do two [rescues] in five hours," Reutter said.

The first ordeal happened at the McDonald's off Highway 141. A woman was lying by a syringe and was not breathing.

Reutter gave the woman CPR and administered the life-saving drug Narcan.

As Sgt. Reutter and comrade Deputy Kurt Chambers tried to search for the source of the heroine, they were led to a home in the area of Bethelview and Dogwood Lane. As they approached, a woman yelled for help.

"I saw a female laying down on the edge of her bed, unconscious," Reutter said. Deputy Chambers rushed to give Reutter the available Narcan, and Reutter administered a second dose to another woman, saving her life. 

"Divine Providence helped us, put us in that situation," Chambers said.

Every deputy for the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office is required to carry Narcan, in the event they run into these life-and-death ordeals.

Reutter received recognition from the Sheriff for his efforts.