Deputies find rattlesnakes and pot plants in Cherokee County home

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Snakes! Not your average garden variety, but rattlers found inside a Canton home. Cherokee County Sheriff's deputies walked into the Goodwin Road home and straight into a den of snakes. 

Deputies said they found two Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes, and seven Southwestern Speckled Rattlesnakes slithering in a container. The Southwestern Speckled Rattlesnakes are not native to Georgia and they could be extremely dangerous. 

"It's illegal to have them, the main concern is there's no anti-venom for that particular rattlesnake," said Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Director Jay Baker.

Deputies said they also found a room used to grow marijuana plants. 

"There were about 10 semi-adult plants and some smaller ones as well. Enough for manufacturing charges," said Director Baker. 

The homeowner, 55-year old Richard Rolands, was arrested on drug charges and is in the Cherokee County Jail. 

The snakes were removed from the home. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has launched its own investigation into Mr. Rolands and the snakes and say he likely will face additional charges. 

Christina Yancey lives across the street. She doesn't like snakes, and knowing there were nine rattlesnakes living so close to her home makes her skin crawl. 

"He seems to be a nice guy but ever since he had rattlers and pot in his house I want to keep my distance," said Yancey.