Deputies: Bullet fired by neighbor narrowly missed next door neighbors

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Guns have been seized and arrests made after a Newnan woman woke up to the frightening sound of a bullet smashing through her bedroom wall. And worse, that stray round traveled through multiple walls and out a kitchen window with her three children and elderly mother inside.

No one was hit. The stray slug then traveled through some woods and hit a house two-doors-down from where it was first fired.  It hit the last home so hard the security alarm went off.

“We were just scared we didn’t know what to do. She said, 'momma, what are going to do? Something is going on.' She said, 'I am just so glad everyone is alive and we got to call the police and see what’s going on,'” said Laura Reid who lives at the first home where the bullet passed through the house.

Reid said the bullet passed through the wall above her daughter’s headboard and she was in bed. It traveled through a living room wall and came out a kitchen window.

“I’m just glad we are alive,” said Reid. “I am glad of that.”

Deputies arrested Antonio Cantrell and Alexis Durkins. They were charged with being felons in possession of a firearm. Investigators said the couple was arguing when she fired the round that went through her neighbor’s house.

Investigators said they seized two guns.

Inv. Cory Mauldin with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office said: “It was extremely dangerous.  It was just inches from where was in bed.  There were children in the house well that could have been struck.”

Alexis Durkins could face additional charges that include aggravated assault or reckless conduct.