DeKalb County grandmother shot while sleeping in her bed

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Police in DeKalb County are searching for a shooter whose bullet struck a grandmother.

Elizabeth Bell says she is happy to be alive after a bullet struck her while she slept early this morning.

“On my upper arm. There’s three holes one entrance and two exit wounds,” said Bell as she showed FOX 5 News the wounds on her upper right arm. She said the single bullet struck the bedroom wall after it exited her arm.

She said it was around three in the morning when the window in her bedroom was shattered by a single shot which jolted her out of sleep in her bed.

“I heard a gunshot I heard the glass and I felt the bullet hit my arm,” Bells said.

The 60-year-old grandmother told FOX 5 News about her ambulance ride to Grady Hospital.

“Actually I was thinking Thank God It wasn’t worse, because it could have been to my body, to my head, instead of my arm. That’s what I was thinking, God I’m still living,” said Bell.

She returned home from the hospital to uncertainty of where the shot came from.

Her bedroom window faces a large lawn and open space at this South DeKalb County apartment complex on Misty Waters Drive where she moved in only six months ago.

“I’m going to seek other housing, somewhere safer,” said Bell.

She said she has five adult children and 20 grandchildren who are all relieved she’s OK after a bullet wound at the hands of the mysterious shooter.

Bell had a direct message for the person who shot her.

“Well, I hope you don’t do it again and you could have taken my life, but, you know, what goes around come around,” she said.

DeKalb County Police said they do not have a description for the shooter nor any motive for the gunfire.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the DeKalb County Police Department.