Decatur discusses e-scooter ordinance

The city of Decatur is trying to create an ordinance to address how electric scooters are used. Leaders are turning to the community for help.

On Wednesday, the city held a feedback session. Questions were posed to those in attendance. They were also asked to complete a questionnaire.

“The biggest challenge is just perhaps not being prepared for these devices in the community,” says Decatur City Manager Andrea Arnold.

Right now, Lime is the only company permitted to operate electric scooters in Decatur. It signed an interim operating agreement that includes paying the city $4,000 a year in order to be able to operate.

Arnold says the increase in users started last fall.

“It wasn't something we were prepared to address at the time, and so that was the purpose of putting the interim operating agreement just to give us a little bit of time to do the research.”

Some of the concerns brought up at the feedback session included requiring users to wear helmets, continuing to allow the service for those without access to transportation and complaints about safety risks for users.

The city hopes to have an ordinance drafted by June. Starting Monday, feedback can be submitted through the city of Decatur's website.