DEA raid suspected drug lab at DeKalb County home

The Drug Enforcement Administration conducting a drug bust in DeKalb County on Wednesday at a home where investigators said drugs were manufactured.

The home on Robinwood Trail now has warnings on the doors and windows, stating it was a drug lab.

"It was scary," said neighbor Andrea Glover.

Investigators aren’t saying much right now, including what kind of drugs or who all was involved. But according to neighbors, at least one person was taken into custody.

"Investigators told me, they had locked somebody up for drugs," said Glover. "They had taken the drug dealer out of there."

Witnesses told FOX 5, investigators nearly woke up the neighborhood when they busted in early Wednesday morning. They said the folks who live at the house have not lived there long.

"They had only been there a couple of months," said Glover.

During that time, neighbors said, there was a lot going on at the house.

"Because of the types of cars that we saw. I’m not really surprised," said Glover.

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