Dawson Co. girl warns others after snake bite

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A Dawsonville middle schooler is back home recovering after a snake bite sent her to intensive care for four days.

Cecillia Gonzalez, 12, was playing near a creek in her friend Peyton Gillian's yard Saturday when she said she tripped over some tree roots and landed within striking distance of a timber rattlesnake.

"It's kinda blurry from there, but then, all I remember is them helping me get up there to the house," said Gonzalez.

Gillian said she immediately notified an adult, who called 911. 

"When she sat down, her foot started--like, it was kinda getting swollen and she started throwing up really bad and she just kind [of] looked out of it," Gillian recalled.

Emergency responders went to work, identifying which area hospital had anti-venom ready to go.  They airlifted Gonzalez to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta where doctors kept a close eye on her swelling and other symptoms.
Gonzalez said she is grateful to everyone who has sent her well-wishes. 

"Thanks for everybody for praying for me and keeping me in your thoughts and prayers," Gonzalez said.

She also has a message for other children who play outside.

"Watch where you're going and be careful," warned Gonzalez.