Daughter wants justice after her father attacked, killed: ‘There was blood everywhere’

The family of Ivan Millman is asking for answers after the death of the 77-year-old. Family members believe he was attacked inside his home by someone he knew and trusted, but they claim the person responsible told police a different story.

Clayton County Police are investigating the death of the elderly man.

"There is a murderer walking around your streets," said Gahra Wright, the daughter of the victim.

Wright is fighting for justice for her father, who she says was attacked inside his home.

"The hallway bathroom is where the assault took place. It was blood everywhere. The tools that were used like the shower rod, the towel rod. Blood fingerprints on the wall and the bed. There was blood everywhere," said Wright.

It’s a journey for answers. She says it started July 26 when family members didn’t hear from the 77-year-old Ivan Millman, so a neighbor went to check.

"She saw this gentleman answer the door. She attempted to make contact with Ivan and the gentleman then advised Vicky, Ivan wasn’t there, and she knew that it was not his character," Wright said. "She heard some moaning and groaning, so she went inside the home and saw Ivan had been severely beaten and immediately called 911."

Medics rushed Ivan to the hospital, but family members claim Clayton County Police didn’t begin investigating because the man told police Ivan was attacked in downtown Atlanta, which is out of their jurisdiction.

The evidence inside the home helped to open the case.

"The only way that we were able to get the police department to do anything was to get the biohazard team that we hired to come out and they believed the police had to be brought in," said Wright.

"He beat him very badly, and he deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail because my uncle’s life is no longer," said Alison Abrosh.

Wright says her father was placed on life-support but later died at the hospital.

"This man can’t rest in peace until I know that this man is off the streets," said Wright.

Family members say the victim had bone cancer.

Clayton County Police confirm they are investigating the death but wouldn’t release much information.