Dangerous Wyoming fugitive, companion arrested in Central Georgia

A dangerous Wyoming escaped fugitive and a woman suspected of helping him escape were captured in Central Georgia, deputies said Friday.

Richard Fountaine, 29, and Kimberly Beltcher, 25, were spotted in Monroe County Wednesday afternoon, according to the sheriff’s office. Deputies said they were seen around 4:30 p.m. near the Logwall Church Road area off of Highway 42.

"Since Thursday morning, it's been a 24-hour day ordeal. A lot of manpower, a lot of speaking with citizens in the county, and people willing to give us information, it's just been a lot of work," said Monroe County Sheriff's Office's Lt. Chad Beck, .

Beck said they spotted a vehicle after responding to a report of a criminal trespass call. It had become stuck along the power lines. Initially, deputies were not aware the vehicle was associated with Fountaine as it was not part of the nationwide alert. However, Beck said some diligent deputies were able to later make the connection.

"There was nothing off the tags associated with the escapee. Some further checking by deputies later on that evening found that the female that was associated with the vehicle was a suspect in the escape in Wyoming,” Beck said.

Deputies spent much of Thursday making contact with several citizens in the area in an attempt to location the pair. It all paid off just before 1 p.m. Friday when law enforcement was able to close in on them.

Deputies were joined by U.S. Marshals, a GSP air unit, and Department of Correction K-9 units in searching near Highway 41 North and Johnsonville Road. They eventually found the pair near a pond dam in the area.

"They were both dressed in full camouflage with hoodies and they had them pulled over their heads lying face down on the bank," Beck said.

The pair were taken into custody without incident or struggle.

Fountaine was easily recognizable by his distinctive tattoo around his neck.

Deputies have not yet piece together their time in the county or if anyone was helping them during their stay.

Investigators believe they may be responsible for a nearby reported burglary, but charges have not yet been filed against the pair.

It is unclear when they will be sent back to Wyoming.

According to a search warrant filed in Natrona County Circuit Court in Wyoming, Fountaine climbed a wall and chain-link fence at the Casper Re-Entry Center on Dec. 28. He then fled in an SUV.

The document states that authorities believe the employee gave Fountaine a cellphone while he was in the facility and helped him escape.

Fountaine’s brother told authorities that the two were heading to Texas. The employee is also missing.

Fountaine was convicted of burglary in Park County, Wyoming and was sentenced in 2017 to three to five years in prison.

FOX 5 News reporting in Atlanta. The Associated Press contributed to this report.