Dalton boy finds burned body in woods

It was a horrific discovery for a 13-year-old Dalton boy. Deputies said the young teen came across a burned body in the woods.

The Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office is trying to find the person who investigators said placed the body in a wooded area off of Ellis Road.

Wednesday afternoon, the crime scene where the charred ground was still marked with evidence flags, medical gloves and other items were also left behind.

The Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office said a man’s burned body was removed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation from the dirt path after it was discovered by a boy Tuesday afternoon.

“I think the little boy that found the body and all he maybe would walk this area,” said Gerald Norrell who lives near the wooded area and is a neighbor of the teen who found the body.

The teenager’s mother said the family is fearful and wanted to remain out of the public eye after the dreadful discovery.

Whitfield County Sheriff Scott Chitwood said investigators are still trying to determine what happened.

“Obviously the body was burned and how it was that is still determined. I think once we get the results from the crime lab that's going to tell us a great deal,” said Sheriff Chitwood.

The sheriff said the unidentified burned body is at the GBI Crime lab in metro Atlanta.

Sheriff Chitwood said it appeared the body had been at the location less than 24 hours when the teenager came upon it.

He said the path appeared to be a very well-traveled trail. His investigators are trying to determine who may have there. Sheriff Chitwood said there were no specific footprints or tire tracks.

“Nothing was present that I saw per SE,” said Sheriff Chitwood.

With many people coming and going from the wooded area, nearby resident Thurman Pate hopes deputies find the clues to find the person who investigators said placed the body in the woods and set it on fire.

“The family of that victim right there needs prayer because they're going to have prayer to hold them up right now,” said Pate.

Sheriff Chitwood said the man who was burned did not have any identification on his possession.

The GBI Crime lab he said should help provide some of the missing answers.

Anyone with any information on the burned body discovered in the woods is asked to contact the Sheriff's Office.

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