Cyclist recovering after being struck by vehicle in Gwinnett County

A Saturday bike ride nearly ended in tragedy when a car clipped a Gwinnett County cyclist, sending him to the ground.

"I think we were all very shocked, we've never seen something like that happen," said Ben Milcarek. "I mean, you do see accidental things that happen from time to time, but it appears that this was very deliberate."

Milcarek was in the group of eight, 20 minutes into a bi-weekly North Georgia Cycling Association training ride Saturday afternoon. His bike camera was rolling as the sedan goes around the group on North Price Road and turns in front of them on Woodward Mill Road. One of his teammates was knocked over.

"When we noticed our teammate appeared to be okay, a couple of us turned right onto Woodward and picked up the pace to see if we could catch the car because they did not stop," Milcarek said. "They sped away."

Car crashes into cyclist on Buford Highway and keeps going.

They followed the car to Buford Highway, but lost sight of it as it went south. The group now hopes someone can help find the driver behind the wheel.

"I just think it would be good for this person to have a discussion with the Gwinnett County Police and be better informed about what they did and how they could have severely injured someone," Milcarek said.

Milcarek says the team often rides and always follows the rules of the road. They even try to avoid busy highways and streets. While he has never experienced anything like this before, he hopes this can be a reminder to share the road with everyone.

"Please be a little bit patient, most cyclists, we do try to pick routes where the traffic isn't heavy," he said. "But just give us a few extra seconds."

Officials are still trying to make out the letters and numbers of the license plate tag. (FOX 5 Atlanta)

So far, they have been able to figure out a few letters and numbers of the license plate tag.

They ask anyone with information to call Gwinnett County Police using case #: GP230007507.