Crude graffiti on school building discovered hours before first day of school

A custodian made an unpleasant discovery at Parkview High School in Gwinnett County Sunday morning, stumbling upon profanity and a crude spin on the school mascot spray-painted on the backside of school grounds.

The vandalism was spotted the day before the district's first day of school.

"The unfortunate thing is it's probably kids, as that is usually the case when it comes to graffiti on our campuses, and it's something we do take serious," said Sloan Roach, a Gwinnett County Public Schools spokesperson.

She said the spray-paint will not interfere with the first day of school and crews will have the vandalism cleared before Monday's 7:17 a.m. bell.

"All of our boys went to a Gwinnett County school, and we want to take pride in our school, and the fact that somebody is just defacing it and putting stuff up there, [they're] not caring about the community basically," said Nancy Basto, a Gwinnett County resident frustrated to hear the news.

But this isn't the only time criminals struck at Parkview High this weekend.

Families attending sporting events on campus told FOX 5 crooks broke into at least four of their cars Saturday -- two parked on school grounds and two parked directly across the street at a park.

Basto said the thief got away with her laptop, iPad, spare car keys and more, spotting him just as he was making his escape.

"You kind of thought it would be safe parking in front of the school and everything, and this looks like a fairly open area, so it's something that no one expected," Childs said.

Roach was not aware of the break-ins as of Sunday but said there are security cameras on campus grounds and school police will be reviewing the video.

No word from police on whether the two incidents are connected.