Crooks wear construction vests to rob workers

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It was a rather simple disguise, but good enough to get a couple of robbers in and out of a house without the neighbors noticing.  

The robbers were wearing construction vests. Police said they casually walked into a home in the Morningside neighborhood Monday morning that was being renovated. Inside, four painters were hard at work. The painters said they thought the men might be city workers checking permits or with the power company, but then the men pulled out a gun and demanded money. 

The painters said they forced all four of them into the kitchen and told them to hand over their wallets and phones.

"They take my friend and with a gun to his back and say go over to the kitchen," said one of the painters.

The painters said they were then forced at gunpoint to go upstairs and told not to turn around. With their faces to the wall, the painters said they stood there for about 20 minutes. They said finally they went downstairs, flagged down a car and called 911.

Police said the crooks planned what they would wear and who they would target.

"They wanted to fit in with the construction crew. It's obvious they didn't want to be recognized by people passing by or neighbors in the vicinity," said Atlanta Police Officer Stephanie Brown.

The painters weren't hurt but are terrified. Police said it's possible the crooks could try to do this again and are warning construction crews to be careful.