Crooks rummage through police officer's car, man stands lookout with gun

Henry County Police are looking for a brazen group of crooks who entered multiple cars while one person stood lookout with a gun. 

But this break-in spree is drawing particular concern.

They're caught on camera rummaging through a vehicle, parked directly next to a marked Henry County Police car.

"It’s pretty bold," the officer told FOX 5. "That's something you want out there to the public because if [the suspects] don't care in this instance, they definitely don't care if it's just a regular citizen's house."

Henry County Police believe the same group made at least three other stops on July 31, getting away with a gun, laptop, and clothes -- among other things.

"They had some nerve because he would've shot that policeman, and I know he would've killed either of us that walked outside," Nellie Mitchell, another victim, told FOX 5.

Mitchell said the suspects ripped off one of her car's door handles before ransacking it.

Investigators are urging anyone with information on the suspects to contact Henry County Police before someone gets hurt.