Coweta County gives $200 incentive to get vaccinated

Residents of Coweta County could earn $200 if they get vaccinated.  The county commissioners have approved the use of federal funds as an incentive to increase the number of vaccinations there.  

At Lee-Goodrum Pharmacy in Newnan, they tell us the daily number of people getting vaccinated against Covid has doubled since the $200 incentive started this week.


Lee-Goodrum Pharmacy on Hospital Road in Newnan

Jill Roach got the shot Friday.  She opted for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, but all three are available.  She says she came not for the money but out of concern for the number of people around her who’ve fallen ill.

"We can all use it but I didn’t need anyone to pay be to get the shot.  It’s my own decision." Roach said.

Here’s how the plan works.  There are three pharmacies participating.  Along with Lee-Goodrum, there is Lee King and Thompson’s Pharmacy.

Patients must show a Coweta County identification.  It’s for everyone 12-years and older.

For Pfizer and Moderna, you’ll receive $100 per dose.  For the single Johnson and Johnson, it’s $200.

The county is using funds from the federal American Rescue Plan Act.

Get the shot and you get a Visa gift card.

At Lee-Goodrum pharmacy they say they’ve seen an increase in positive Covid tests lately.  This mom and pop pharmacy has also lost dear customers.

Workers behind the counter at Lee-Goodrum Pharmacy in Newnan

For more information on how to participate, go to the Coweta County government web page.  

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