Couple preying on elderly people in Cobb County

Cobb County Police are searching for a man and woman who are preying on elderly people.

Police said the woman has been knocking on doors, telling homeowners they are city workers to try to lure her victim into the backyard with her. Meanwhile, investigators said the man will try to sneak into the house and steal cash and jewelry.

Lizzy, who is 75, said a young, well-spoken woman knocked on her door identifying herself a being with the Kennesaw Parks and Recreation Department. Lizzy said the woman claimed the city was going to build a fence around the park that was adjacent to Lizzy’s property, so she needed to survey the backyard with her. But Lizzy noticed the woman had no uniform or ID, so she refused to go.

“I kept my baseball bat in arms reach. I thought if she tried to hit me over the head with her clipboard I would bash her skull in,” said Lizzy.

Lizzy said the woman pretended she had a phone call and eventually left. Lizzy said she has a message for the couple.

“I hope to God you get caught and you go to church and pray for forgiveness because if you're hurting old people, shame on you,” said Lizzy.

That same day, police said a couple matching same the description went to another home just down the road. The 94-year-old homeowner told police a woman showed up saying she was there to cut trees and needed her to go to the backyard with her. It was not until the next day the homeowner noticed hundreds of dollars was missing from her house.

Police said there could be others who fell prey to this couple and may not even realize anything is missing.

“They usually hit on the elderly residents because they're usually less suspicious and try to be more helpful than the younger folks,” said Cobb Police Officer Alicia Chilton.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Cobb County Police Department.