Couple Attacked, Suspects Pose as U.S. Marshals in Home Invasion

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A Henry County couple said they were tied up, threatened and feared for their lives in a terrifying home invasion Wednesday morning. 

According to both the husband and wife, three suspects kicked in the back door of their home, located in the 1600 block of Zacharys Way, and announced they were U.S. Marshals. They told FOX 5 News the suspects demanded to know where drugs and money were. 

Hours after a frightening ordeal, Jervice and Connie Wolfe told FOX 5 News about the moment three armed men barged into their McDonough home on Zacharys Way just after 4 a.m.

"They kicked in the back door. All of a sudden, they turned on the lights in our bedroom and pointed guns at us while we were in bed and yelled at us to flip over face down," Mr. Wolfe said.

The Henry County couple said they were tied up with zip ties as the men claimed to be U.S. Marshals who were looking for guns, cash and drugs.

"I kept telling them we don't even use drugs. You've got the wrong house. All I do is work and take care of my family. We don't have what you're looking for," Mr. Wolfe said as he described his conversation with the gunman.

"They pulled (the ziptie) so tight, I thought I was gonna die. I couldn't breathe, so I just started to pray. They had our 3 daughters tied up on the floor. No mercy, just no regard for human life," Mr. Wolfe said.

The victim said the suspects eventually cut off the tie with a knife and cut the back of his neck in the process.

"But they kept pulling the tie around my wife's neck--asking ‘Do you love her? Do you love her?’ Thinking that would make me tell him where stuff was, but I swear we didn't have what they were asking for," he said.

Aside from minor scrapes from the zip ties, the couple suffered major physical injuries. But the emotional wounds may last a while as Henry County Police try to find the men before they strike again.

 "That was the scariest thing I’ve ever been through. They've got mamas and daddies. I hope nothing like this ever happens to their families and I hope they all get caught because they really need help. They really do," Connie Wolfe said with tears in her eyes.

Both victims told FOX 5 News they turned to prayer during the attack.