Counterfeit Super Bowl memorabilia

When it comes to the Super Bowl, fans will be shelling out big money, not just on tickets, but also for signed memorabilia.

Signed jerseys, helmets and more from this year’s Super Bowl will be expected to fetch command prices. But with such high demand, the experts say count on counterfeits.

In the world of signed memorabilia, Marietta-based industry pro Bob Pressley has a huge assortment of famous sports figures. Which is why he depends on the holograms and matching certificates from a thirty-party, independent authenticator like PSA, Professional Sports Authenticator.

Kevin Keating, PSA’s principal authenticator spoke to FOX 5 News from Virginia but he travels all over the country authenticating signatures.

“If you buy with a PSA certification than you don’t you don’t really need to know anything but the fact that you got something that PSA says is authentic and you’ll be able to resell that down the road,” said Keating.

With the Super Bowl in Atlanta, Bob Pressley anticipates a new crop of famous names will hit the market soon.

“The ones who will come out as the heroes will have a lot of interest to do either private signings or public appearances where there will be signings attached to it,” said Pressley.

Maybe it’ll be a Los Angeles Rams Todd Gurley autographed jersey or a Tom Brady’s signed helmet, whatever the hero prize, Pressley says count on counterfeits.

Kevin Keating told FOX 5 News people who drop hundreds, even thousands on a Super Bowl signature are sure targets for fraudsters.

“Whenever there is a spike for the demand of an autograph typically there is fraud that goes on and forgers will try to take advantage of that as well,” said Keating.

Pressley said other than collecting an autograph in person, look for PSA and other authenticators and companies which conduct signings, to makes sure you don’t fumble on your Super Bowl treasure.

“There’s going to be more than 50 percent of the autographs out there that do not have authentication. Without that, you’re just taking a chance.

Pressley said the PSA holograms on the authenticated memorabilia will self-destruct if removed, preventing others from using it on other items.

For more information on PSA here is their website:

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